Press Release for “big.”


Student Works

at GALLERY 160

01 April – 11 April 2016

opening reception: 01 April, 1 – 2:30pm

photo above by:

November Wilker

Untitled, 2015

Acrylic, Masonite; 5×5′

For Immediate Release:

The Gallery Exhibition team is pleased to announce an exhibition of artwork created by students of Saint Mary’s College of California. Entitled Big, the exhibition will run from April 01 through April 11, 2016

The exhibition title, big., allows the work to speak for itself. Scale has been an important property in art ever since the invention of pictorial perspective. Through such innovations, artists became able to use the physical dimensions of a work to extend the effect of the narrative in the work itself. The value of scale has not diminished in the proceeding centuries, however familiar we have become with narrative and allegory in art, in fact so familiar that these elements have, in many cases, fallen away from artmaking (as a primary tool), challenging the viewer through other artistic devices. Scale has persisted throughout. It connects art with architecture in a very obvious way – how the work occupies a room – but scale also allows art to interject within a proportion that is much larger than the physical domain – the social field, for example, is very much affected by art, but cannot be quantified in terms of scale, because the social field can encompass all of humanity, and art, as a distinctly human endeavor, can affect how the social arena is apprehended and used. The scale formats are known for overwhelming or enveloping the viewer. These students have created works of monumental size to create a lasting impression.

Gallery 160 is located at Saint Mary’s College of California in the Art & Art History Department, Brother Cornelius Hall. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, Noon to 4pm. For further information please email Andrew Mount at or check out our WordPress at

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Curation Statement for “big.”

This exhibition focuses on large works that cover a wide spectrum of artistic mediums.This exhibition aims to explore the personal experience that is present when one visits an exhibit and observes the work within. The show features several large works from multiple Saint Mary’s student artists including Isabella Hall, Nova Wilker, and Jordan Lampi.

A goal of this exhibition is to intensify and outline the viewer’s experience through the scale of the works as well as how the works are juxtaposed. The focus of the exhibit on large works fits with the goal of enhancing the experience of the viewer. By placing oneself in front of a large artwork, one can step into the piece and find themselves within it.

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