Press Release for Take A Stand

For Immediate Release:

The Gallery Exhibition team is pleased to announce an exhibition of artwork created by students of Saint Mary’s College of California. Entitled TAKE A STAND, the exhibition will run from May 11th 2016 through May16th 2016.

Our campus has recently experienced some controversial issues, blaringly reminding us that it is our duty as students to use the voice we are given to better the environment in which we must all coexist. Racial issues, hate crimes, issues of gender politics, and LGBTQIA have been pushed aside and sluggishly addressed by the administration. Students demand methods of contraception offered on campus to promote safer sex, but the administration has actually gone so far as to stifle our freedom of speech and take down these posters. Every college campus can be seen as a microcosm of the society that we live in.   To create a better world we must begin with our surroundings.

TAKE A STAND will include student’s artwork regarding politically charged issues seen throughout the globe, but also as an interactive piece in which students are given a platform to take a stand. Participating students given a “check all that apply” template for a letter addressing whatever governing body they wish to address about whatever issues they feel need addressing. And at the end of the show we will send the letters to whichever governing body student’s address. Talking about issues and actually taking a stand on them are two vastly different things. One is an idea, the other is a plan. With our exhibit we hope to create a plan to fix these issues. Please join us for the opening reception on April 11th from 1-230pm.

Gallery 160 is located at Saint Mary’s College of California in the Art & Art History Department, Brother Cornelius Hall. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, Noon to 4pm. For further information please email Andrew Mount at or check out our WordPress at


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