Curatorial Statement for “Take A Stand”

On Wednesday, the 11th of May, Gallery 160 will present ‘Take A Stand’.

Due to the recent controversial issues that have occurred on campus, we are reminded that we all have a voice and it is our duty as students to use that voice to improve the environment in which we all must coexist.

Racial issues and hate crimes have been rampant in the past year and the delayed rate at which the administration has addressed and responded to these events is simply unacceptable. Gender politics issues have been presented, but the LGBTQIA+ community has been stifled and their concerns pushed aside. The students are demanding methods of contraception to be provided on campus to promote safe sex, but the administration has ignored their pleas and taken down their posters. Every college campus can be seen as a microcosm of the society that we live in.   To create a better world we must begin with our surroundings.

In an effort to comment on these issues, and move toward change, Take A Stand will not only include student’s artwork regarding politically charged issues seen throughout the global community, but also an interactive piece in which students are given a platform to take a stand. For the interactive portion of the exhibit, participating students will be provided with a template to draft a letter to whatever governing body they wish to address. The template will include a check all that apply list that will have options for what to write about. At the bottom of the template, there will be an option for students to have their letter sent to whomever it is addressed. When the show concludes, we will send the letters to the specified recipients. Talking about the issues and actually fighting for them are two different things, and with this exhibit, we hope to foster an environment where both are encouraged to happen.


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